Wednesday, November 25, 2009

St. Patrick's Day 2009 - Dublin

Every year, Dublin holds a five-day festival in celebration of St. Patrick. I really wish I had been there the first night because that’s when they have the fireworks. (I, personally, have always considered fireworks to be more of a “finale” attraction but whatever.) Anyway, I was able to watch a live broadcast of the firework show from my B&B in Cashel and it was absolutely fantastic. (I also learned that Cashel has fireworks over the Rock on St. Patrick’s Day. I imagine that is something to really see!)

Even though I missed most of the festival activities while exploring the rest of the country, I was fortunate enough to be in Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day and witness the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.

I loved the bright colors...

And things that oddly reminded me of home...

The really cool contraptions...

I even bonded with another photographer for a brief moment.

The parade was different from any other parade I had ever been to or seen on television. Instead of balloons, cheerleaders and tacky papier-mâché floats, the parade featured the skills of the Irish people. Groups of people from all over the country made costumes and props according to chosen themes.

If you ever decide to attend this event, you need to get there EARLY. The viewing area was already full all the way down the route an hour before the parade started. (I know this because we got there even earlier – you don’t want to know how much earlier.) And don’t expect to see the Macy’s Day Parade. Be ready for something different but equally as spectacular.

More info on the Festival

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